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    Alexander Jost
    Founder of RetentionX

    Shopify Free Shipping Threshold: A Comprehensive Guide

    Every customer loves free shipping! Although free shipping offers are an incredibly effective method of increasing AOV, they are also expensive. Therefore, getting your Shopify free shipping threshold right is a big deal: what amount should the threshold be and what factors should be considered to determine that threshold?

    Free Shipping Threshold Analysis identifies the sweet spot where customers are motivated to spend a little more to qualify for free shipping, without making it so high that they abandon the purchase altogether. Let's take a look at your Shopify data and see if your free shipping threshold is set too low, too high, or just right!

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    By default, this analysis looks at all transactions in the last 6 months. For this dataset, we first calculate the median order value to determine your customers' typical purchasing behavior.

    The Free Shipping Threshold report shows whether your free shipping threshold is set too low, too high, or just right.

    Based on this median order value, RetentionX suggests where to set your free shipping rates. This value is set just high enough that your customers will spend more than they normally do to receive the offer, but not so high that the customer feels the threshold is not worth reaching.

    If your free shipping threshold is set too low, you will see a large number of orders at and above your threshold. Your data may look like this:

    In this case, there are a large number of orders before the threshold that qualify for free shipping. This means you're giving away free shipping too cheaply, so a large number of your customers have no motivation to take advantage of it.

    👉 Solution: Raise your shipping rates to the one we suggest. This is a potentially unpopular move, but one that could have a big impact on your bottom line.

    If your free shipping rates are set too high, you will see a large number of orders at and before your threshold. Your data may look like this:

    Implementing a free shipping threshold that is too far away from the median order value can ultimately drive customers away because they value free shipping and are not encouraged to add additional items to their cart to qualify.

    👉 Solution: Lower the free shipping rates, which should result in a significant increase in order values.

    If your free shipping rate is set just right, you will see a dip between the highest order and the threshold, but it will be a small dip

    If you're on the right track, congratulations! The highest number of orders falls below the threshold, but not by much. The threshold is set just far enough from the median order value that customers are still willing to add an extra item or two to their cart to qualify for free shipping, ultimately increasing AOV.

    Free shipping threshold analysis is just one of hundreds of optimization opportunities for your brand. You can have RetentionX up and running on Shopify in minutes:

    • RetentionX
      Customer intelligence for DTC brands. Turn your data into actionable insights.
      30-day free trial
      Free plan available
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    Understanding the Benefits of Shopify Free Shipping

    Online shopping cart with a 'Free Shipping' banner

    For store owners, offering free shipping has immense benefits, an increase in sales and customer loyalty. As for customers, they reap the benefit of saving money by shopping online with a merchant that offers such discounts. But small businesses must look at the financial implications before providing complimentary deliveries as their budgets are often limited. Strategies like introducing conditional or promotional-based no charge postage can be beneficial to stay competitive compared to other brands who offer similar services on top products and occasions when running special campaigns and holidays etc. Free delivery can also become an instrumental tool while engaging in cross-sells & upsells resulting not just higher orders but less expenditure too! Merchants should add zero cost postings (on certain items) during promotions if they wish to make it more attractive to consumers.

    Shopify has various approaches that can be used to offer free shipping in a shop. The three primary options are default, cost-based, and weight-based – each with its own benefits depending on your store model and shipping zones. Let’s look at them more closely. Additionally, store owners can consider implementing flat shipping rates as an alternative strategy, which offers predictability and ease of integration with Shopify's platform, ensuring customers enjoy low, predictable shipping costs.

    The default option makes it easy to configure delivery costs within Shopify based on the customer’s address without needing any extra code or settings adjustments. Cost Based Shipping automatically calculates charges using rates you assign per item/per order etc., giving you complete control over fees charged. Lastly, there is the Weight Based which determines prices through weight limits set by either yourself or an external provider of carrier services. After discussing weight-based options, it's also worth mentioning that Shopify allows for the configuration of shipping zones, enabling different rates for various geographical areas, which can be particularly useful for offering limited-time free shipping rates in specific regions. In summary then, no matter what type of business it is, it doesn’t matter what type of business it is.

    Default Free Shipping

    To offer free shipping on Shopify is as straightforward as setting the free shipping rate to $0, creating a transparent proposition for customers that whatever they purchase from your store will be shipped at no extra cost. This decision needs careful consideration, since you have to make sure that covering the shipping cost won’t harm your profits too much. Both simplicity and universality are advantages of default free shipping. It’s easy to understand both for merchants and buyers alike, plus it’s an attractive offer which could possibly result in increased sales.

    Cost-Based Free Shipping

    To offer free shipping with a minimum order value, including free shipping discounts, is an effective tactic to encourage customers. This motivates them to add extra items into their basket to reach the threshold for these discounts, and in return, they get the benefit of no charge for delivery. Implementing free shipping rates and limited-time offers on Shopify as part of your strategy can significantly enhance this effect. It’s not only beneficial for buyers, but it also raises your company’s average purchase price, everybody wins!

    Cost-based free shipping could be seen as a reward system that incentivises shoppers – spend more money and receive complimentary postage charges on top of whatever products you choose.

    Weight-Based Free Shipping

    In order to set up weight-based free shipping on Shopify, you need to head over the admin settings and add a new specific free shipping rate based on an item’s weight. This could motivate customers towards purchasing heavier products or even pick several items that will help them reach the required limit for qualified orders so they get their delivery without any charge, increasing revenue in online stores and making buyers happy at the same time.

    To offer free shipping discount codes is a great way to increase sales and enhance the customer experience. These exclusive coupon codes allow customers who use them at checkout to receive their items with no delivery charges. Shopify admins can easily create these discounts which could be shared via emails or social media posts, making it ideal for attracting new shoppers as well as incentivizing loyalty in current customers - studies report that 53% of buyers see this perk as one of the most influential when purchasing online!

    To offer free shipping is a great way to improve the customer experience and generate more sales. An online store that offers free shipping can significantly enhance the customer experience and attract more buyers. This type of promotion could take on several shapes, such as displaying ‘free shipping bars’, offering it only for limited times, or making special campaigns around it. Additionally, businesses can provide free shipping for orders over specific amounts, such as $35, $75, or $100, to encourage larger purchases and reduce cart abandonment.

    Let’s have a deeper look into each one of these strategies in particular. Free delivery can be used strategically to benefit customers while maximizing profits at the same time, something that every business should strive for!

    Using Free Shipping Bars

    Adding a free shipping bar to your Shopify store can be done easily through an app like the Free Shipping Bar. This allows customers to stay informed about any promotional offers, and encourages them with opportunities of receiving shipments for no cost if they choose to add more products to their order. By increasing average order values thanks to this incentive, it could lead to overall better sales results as well. Having such an offer at the forefront also puts customer minds on potentially making bigger purchases, not just reaching a certain threshold before getting complimentary delivery.

    Limited-Time Free Shipping Offers

    Providing a free shipping offer over a specific period, such as during holidays or special occasions, can be an effective way of instilling urgency among customers. With the clock ticking down to when the promotion will end, shoppers are more likely to take action and complete their purchase before it is too late. Such time-bound deals create pressure that encourages people to buy what they want in order not miss out on this limited opportunity for free delivery services.

    Targeted Free Shipping Campaigns

    Businesses on Shopify can initiate targeted free shipping campaigns as a promotional strategy to give complimentary delivery services for specific customer segments, such as first-time buyers or devoted shoppers. Tailored to their behaviour, preferences or order history, these efforts may boost conversion and the value of orders. Employ email marketing tools along with social media posts and website ads like banners and popups. All with an aim of generating a sense of urgency around the offer.

    An online store must carefully manage shipping costs to offer free shipping sustainably. To offer free shipping can have a positive effect on sales and make customers happy. It’s essential to maintain the financial impact as well. Here we will assess tactics that can help reduce expenses associated with giving out complimentary delivery.

    Negotiating with Shipping Carriers

    Offering free shipping can be made more budget-friendly by negotiating with related carriers. Preparing thoroughly and having a good grasp of current charges as well as potential savings from volume discounts will prove invaluable when discussing reduced rates that could help cover the cost of providing no delivery fee services. It is important to communicate objectives clearly and present accurate time frames for shipment. Both are keys to successful negotiations which may lead to lower costs associated with free freight options.

    Incorporating Shipping Cost into Product Pricing

    When determining how to offer free shipping, an option is factoring the costs of associated expenses such as packaging and handling into product prices. This helps preserve profits without forcing a customer to pay for delivery fees. This tactic should be used with care since it may result in raised prices which could discourage shoppers from buying your products. A successful approach requires finding equilibrium between making sure buyers get complimentary postage while ensuring that there are still good profit margins maintained by you.

    Optimizing Packaging and Fulfillment

    Optimizing the packaging and order fulfillment can significantly lower shipping expenses while boosting efficiency. There are a variety of tools, including Applait, 3PL Warehouse Manager, Stitch Labs and Zentail that integrate with Shopify to optimize the process so merchants may provide free delivery without risking too much profit margin erosion. Reducing the size/weight of packages is one way for store owners to bring down these costs in their business model.

    In summary, to offer free shipping is an effective way to bolster e-commerce sales and customer loyalty. Customers may benefit from default cost or weight based options, as well as discounts with codes that offer even more incentive for them to purchase on your Shopify store. To keep up with these reduced costs, it’s essential you remain strategic in how you manage expenses. Whether through negotiating rates with carriers, including shipping fees into product pricing, or streamlining packages/orders efficiently - don’t delay any longer and start harnessing the advantages of free shipping right away!

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      Customer intelligence for DTC brands. Turn your data into actionable insights.
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    How to add free shipping on Shopify?

    To get complimentary delivery on Shopify, go to your store admin and look at Settings > Shipping & Delivery. Click the shipping profile you want to alter then add a free shipping rate for each designated area. After that hit ‘Done’, then press Save, which will complete setting up those rates of shipment without any charges attached!

    How do I offer free shipping?

    Offering free shipping can be profitable if you optimize your packaging and seek out competitive rates. Look into adding the cost of delivery to pricing plans or offer temporary campaigns featuring complimentary postage in order to increase your average purchase value.

    Does Shopify charge customers for shipping?

    Shopify allows merchants to specify shipping rates and methods for customers at checkout, including default costs, discounted charges, a flat fee rate or calculated fees.

    Who pays for shipping on Shopify?

    From your dashboard, you can offer delivery and pickup services with a chosen shipping carrier with different shipping rates for all shipping zones. Customers will have to pay for the associated shipment costs unless you decide to give away free shipping as well.

    What are free shipping discount codes and how can I use them?

    Customers can use a free shipping discount code for their purchase to get a delivery at no extra cost. These promotional codes are accessible in various channels, from email campaigns and social media posts alike. By using these vouchers, they will be able to take advantage of the free shipping offers available.


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